January Schedule

Children Class Schedule

January 2024

  • Our January Session goes from Jan 22 – Mar 16
  • 8-week session with classes meeting once per week.
  • Tuition for 8 weeks:
    • $240 (1 hr long classes)
  • Students can register at any time, and their tuition will be prorated accordingly

Early Bird Registration is available! Register by January 5th and register for only $230!


Spanish5-8 years oldBeginner 4Thursday5:30-6:30 PMScarletRegister
Spanish9-12 years oldBeginner 1Thursday4:30-5:30 PMScarletRegister
Spanish9-12 years oldBeginner 3Tuesday4:30-5:30 PMScarletRegister
Spanish9-12 years oldIntermediate 2Tuesday5:30-6:30 PMVictoriaRegister
Spanish9-12 years oldAdvanced 4Saturday9:45-10:45 AMVictoriaRegister
Spanish11-14 years oldHigh Intermediate 2Saturday2:00-3:00 PMScarletRegister
French5-8 years oldBeginner 1Tuesday6:00-7:00 PMJeremayahRegister
French9-12 years oldBeginner 1Wednesday5:00-6:00 PMSarahRegister
French9-12 years oldHigh Beginner 2Friday5:00-6:00 PMJeremayahRegister
French11-14 years oldHigh Beginner 3Thursday6:30-7:30 PMHeleneRegister
French11-14 yrs oldHigh Beginner 3Wednesday5:30-6:30 PMHeleneRegister
French11-14 yrs oldAdvanced 3Tuesday6:45-7:45 PMHeleneRegister

Joining a class

There is no need to join one of our language classes at the beginning of a session. You can enroll your child at any time as long as their level matches the level of the class. Your tuition will be automatically prorated for the missed classes.

If you would like a free assessment to see what level works best for your child, please contact us.


Materials are used in every class. If your child is a new student,  you will need to purchase a book for them to use during class. You can find more information about the book used in class in the description of each class, under “Important Notes”. You will also find a link to purchase the book for your convenience.




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