Private Lessons

private-lessonsThe International School of Languages offers private lessons in Spanish, French, English, Russian, German, Mandarin Chinese, Farsi, Italian and Portuguese.

Private lessons are a great option for those students who are learning a language with an specific goal in mind or those who prefer the one-on-one instruction without distractions. Lessons can be arranged for one student or more (friends or family members). Private lessons allow the student or students to focus on any aspect that they would like to study — for example, conversational skills, grammar, cultural exposure, certain vocabulary, or the like; or simply learn a language in a private setting.

Many students choose the convenience and flexibility of private lessons because they can schedule them on the day and time they choose. Private lessons also allow the student to have more control over what she would like to learn or review.

Location is other great advantage of learning in private lessons as you can choose the location convenient for you – your home, office, neighborhood coffee shop, or any other location of your pick.

Parents also choose the convenience of private lessons for their children when they need help at school, with homework, or simply to stay ahead of the game.

At ISL we can also help you create a class for a group of students (adults or children) to learn together in a private setting.

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