Children Classes

Children Language Programs in Bethesda


The International School of Languages currently provides children with group classes to learn a variety of different world languages.


Class Content

Children are naturally more “efficient” foreign language learners and have a great capacity to learn a second language. Our program is based on the idea that this learning can be significantly enhanced through the use of:

  • Music
  • Creative and visual aids
  • Games
  • Variety in presentation
  • A relaxed and fun-filled environment

We use various audio and visual elements that are complementary and inter-related so that the same vocabulary or element of grammar is practiced and reinforced in many different ways to create variety, encourage participation and avoid boredom. Unique picture associations and color highlighted words are used throughout the program to speed the learning process. The program we use is very flexible and allows us to customize it to work with different age groups and learning styles. During our classes, our instructors teach children considering their different learning styles (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) in order to capture the attention of all students. By using a multi-sensory approach, both sides of the brain are engaged in the learning process and students can learn much faster and with a higher level of retention.

Making it a positive and joyful experience, we are certain that students will acquire a love for different cultures and for learning foreign languages.


All our programs are taught by experienced teachers of the foreign language with an educational background and at least one year of experience. All our instructors are fun and energetic and take very seriously the students’ goals and commitments.

Class Size

Our classes are small, between 2 and 8 students, which helps our instructors to focus on each child individually as well as creating many opportunities for students to use the target language in class.

Class Structure

Classes meet weekly for 1 hour. Sessions are ongoing and students may join at any time. Their payment will be prorated for the classes missed at the point they enroll.

Make ups

If students miss a class, the student can join another class the same week of the same or similar level. If there is no class available, a make-up class can be arranged for a discounted private lesson rate. This discounted rate is provided only to students enrolled in a group adult class, and for the sole purpose of making up for a missed class.

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