March Courses

Adult Course Schedule

  • All courses are online.
  • Our March Session goes from Mar 25 to May 18
  • 8-week course with classes meeting once per week.
  • Tuition for 8 weeks:
    • $312 (1.5 hr long classes)
  • Students can register at any time, and their tuition will be prorated accordingly

Early Bird Registration is available! Register by March 8th and register for only $300!

SpanishBeginner 1Tuesday6:30-8:00 PM1.5 hr.RossyRegister
SpanishBeginner 2Wednesday5:30 - 7:00 PM1.5 hr.CarmenRegister
SpanishBeginner 4Wednesday5:00-6:30 PM1.5 hr.RossyRegister
SpanishBeginner 5Thursday12:00-1:30 PM1.5 hr.RossyRegister
SpanishBeginner 5Wednesday6:30-8:00 PM1.5 hr.RossyRegister
SpanishHigh Beginner 3Wednesday6:00-7:30 PM1.5 hr.ScarletRegister
SpanishIntermediate 4Wednesday4:00-5:30 PM1.5 hr.CarmenRegister
SpanishAdvanced 4Saturday12:00-2:00 PM2 hr.RossyRegister
FrenchBeginner 1Monday7:00-8:30 PM1.5 hr.GwladysRegister
FrenchBeginner 2Tuesday5:00-6:30 PM1.5 hr.SarahRegister
FrenchBeginner 3Thursday9:30-11:00 AM1.5 hr.CamilleRegister
FrenchBeginner 5Thursday5:00-6:30 PM1.5 hr.EvaRegister
PortugueseHigh Intermed. 2Tuesday4:00-5:30 PM1.5 hr.RosangelaRegister
PortugueseMasteryTuesday5:30-7:00 PM1.5 hr.RosangelaRegister
MandarinBeginner 1Wednesday9:30-11:00 AM1.5 hr.PamelaRegister
GermanBeginner 1Thursday6:30-8:00 PM1.5 hr.SusannaRegister
JapaneseBeginner 1Tuesday5:00-6:30 PM1.5 hr.SonglanRegister
JapaneseBeginner 2Thursday5:00-6:30 PM1.5 hr.SonglanRegister
JapaneseBeginner 4Saturday10:00-11:30 AM1.5 hr.SonglanRegister
JapaneseHigh Intermed. 5Monday6:00-7:30 PM1.5 hr.AsamiRegister
ItalianBeginner 1Friday10:00-11:30 AM1.5 hr.CarmenRegister

Joining a class

There is no need to join one of our language classes at the beginning of a session. You can enroll at any time as long as your level matches the level of the class. Your tuition will be automatically prorated for the missed classes.

If you join late and would like to have some lessons to catch up with the rest of the class, you can schedule makeup private lessons with us.


Materials are used in every class. If you are a new student,  you will need to purchase a book to use during class. You can find more information about the book used in class in the description of each class, under “Important Notes”. You will also find a link to purchase the book for your convenience.



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