How good is your Spanish? Test it!

The ISL Spanish test has questions divided into 3 levels: Beginner (A1), High Beginner (A2),  Intermediate (B1), and High Intermediate (B2).

Within each level, there are multiple levels that will specify the appropriate class for you to register.

Do you know if you are…?

[bs_button size=”lg” type=”success” value=”Beginner (A1)” href=””]


[bs_button size=”lg” type=”info” value=”High Beginner (A2)” href=””]


[bs_button size=”lg” type=”warning” value=”Intermediate (B1)” href=””]


[bs_button size=”lg” type=”danger” value=”High Intermediate (B2)” href=””]


[bs_button size=”lg” type=”default” value=”NOT SURE” href=””]


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