Read some of the testimonials that were written by students recently studying at our language school in Bethesda.

John Quagliano

Spanish student, private lessons (Bethesda, MD)
Our instructor is an intelligent, enthusiastic, well prepared and effective teacher and I feel confident that I have gained a solid knowledge for basic Spanish over the last two months (and will continue to do so going forward). He not only covers the topics in the book, but also brings to bear related knowledge to help round out the experience. He also knows how to make sure that everyone in the class stays involved. I have been sharing my experiences with family and friends alike, so that they can understand that I’m having a positive learning experience with the Language Fundamentals curriculum.

Donna Johnson

Mother of student and PTA Member at Candlewood Elementary School (Derwood, MD)
I love Language Fundamentals After-School Program! The instructor is fun and patient. My daughter leaves the class feeling energized and relaxed and she is learning Spanish every week. We have had other programs in the school prior to this one, but Language Fundamentals is by far the best. I recommned every school to use Language Fundamentals as their After-School Program for Spanish. Children really learn and they have fun while doing so!

Nan Huidekoper

Spanish student, Adult group classes (Chevy Chase, MD)y
I have had a great experience with Language Fundamentals especially because of our fun, intelligent and patient teacher. Our class includes a mix of grammar, conversation and insight into the Spanish Culture. Our teacher is able to teach us Spanish from our language point of view. Language Fundamentals makes learning Spanish fun!

Dupeh Ochieng

Mother of Claire Ochieng, Spanish student, private lessons (Kensington, MD)My 9 year-old daughter enjoyed her Spanish classes at Language Fundamentals. Her instructor was terrific and made learning a new language fun and engaging. The admin staff were extremely professional. We’ll definitely be back!”

Christian Hand

Spanish for Construction Sites Program, Hanover Company
This was a very effective class. I learned quite a bit of useful information in a short amount of time.

Penny Bell

Mother of student of Spanish After-School Program
As a parent, I appreciate how well-organized your classes are, and how you keep us informed of what is happening with regular e-mail updates.

Josephine Vicencio

Student of Spanish After-School Program (Silver Spring, MD)
This was a very effective class. I learned quite a bit of useful information in a short amount of time.

David Finnie

Spanish for Construction Sites Program, Hanover Company
If you are looking for a short, focused course on the basics of communicating in the construction environment, this is the class you need to take. I found it to be very helpful in my job.


Student of Spanish, Adult group classes (Bethesda, MD)
I saw a flyer about Language Fundamentals in the parking garage in Bethesda and decided to give it a try. It’s turned out to be fun, as the flyer promised. Our instructor is engaging, positive and supportive of our elementary Spanish, interjecting lessons of real-life stories from his own Spanish family and travels abroad. The classes have given new meaning to Thursday nights!

Julie M

Washington, DC
The class has been great. Very organized with small class size that allows the teacher to adjust class pace to students’ needs. Good materials. Very happy with the value.