Joining a class

There is no need to join one of our foreign language classes at the beginning of a session. You can enroll at any time as long as your level matches the level of the class. Your tuition will be prorated for the missed classes.

If you join late and would like to to have some lessons to catch up with the rest of the class, you can schedule private lessons with us.

Tuition: Summer 2018

Early Bird! Register by June 2nd and save $20 off your tuition. REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!

6/18 – 7/28

6 weeks of 1.5-hour classes: $198
6 weeks of 2-hour classes: $258

No class: Wednesday, July 4.

Wed. classes:  5 weeks 165 (1.5 hr), $215 (2 hr).

Tuition: Spring 2018

Session in progress. Call to register and your tuition will be prorated for the missed classes.

4/7 – 6/16

11 weeks of 1.5-hour classes $363
11 weeks of 2-hour classes $473

No class: Saturday, May 26 and Monday, May 28

Monday and Saturday classes: 10 weeks $330 (1.5 hr), $430 (2 hr).



Materials are used in every class. If you are a new a student,  you will need to purchase a pack of books to use in class and at home. For students who are already enrolled, books may need to be purchased only when a new level is achieved.

Book packs can be from $30 to $90 depending on the language.

Give us a call for more information!